High Gloss Acrylic

金属黄铜 (高光)

Aurum offer gold-grey colour tone in the palette of uni metallic shade. Combinations with wood or materials with warm-grey tones seem are exciting due to the contrast with the metallic effect. The metallic pigment gives the colour an authentic feel of modern design.


金属黄铜在单一金属色调的调色板中提供金灰色色调。 由于与金属效果的对比,与木材或暖灰色调材料的组合似乎令人兴奋。 金属颜料赋予颜色真实的现代设计感。

EM264 Aurum
Low Formaldehyde
Low Formaldehyde
Ultra High Gloss
Ultra High Gloss
Seamless Edge
Seamless Edging
Product page moistureResistant
0.8mm Acrylic Sheet
Product page 4mmPressedPanel
4mm Pressed Panel
Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts
Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts
PUR Adhesive Lamination
PUR Adhesive Lamination

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