High Gloss Acrylic

褐色 (高光)

Coupling has a red, grey tone that combines well with red based woodgrains. Uni combinations with other grey tones or white are also possible. The high gloss support modern look not only visually but also haptically. The availability of this colour tone in a wide variety of surfaces makes possible matching combinations with exciting textural contrasts.

褐色具有红色、灰色色调,与红色木纹完美结合。 也可以与其他灰色调或白色进行单一组合。 高光泽度不仅在视觉上而且在触觉上也支持现代外观。 这种色调在各种表面上的可用性使得具有令人兴奋的纹理对比的匹配组合成为可能。

ES234 Coupling
Low Formaldehyde
Low Formaldehyde
Ultra High Gloss
Ultra High Gloss
Seamless Edge
Seamless Edging
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0.8mm Acrylic Sheet
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4mm Pressed Panel
Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts
Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts
PUR Adhesive Lamination
PUR Adhesive Lamination

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