High Gloss Acrylic

黑色 (高光)

Nothing has more depth effect and elegance than Spruce in a high-gloss surface. Black on high gloss surface offers for this purpose. A very high-quality design solution that is both haptic and visually, the perfect contrast to the black on Perfectsense Matt surface or even woodgrain decors, from natural to exotic.

没有什么比高光表面的云杉更具有深度效果和优雅感了。 高光泽表面上的黑色可用于此目的。 一种非常高品质的设计解决方案,无论是触觉还是视觉,与 Perfectsense Matt 表面上的黑色甚至木纹装饰(从自然到异域风情)形成完美对比。

ES237 Spruce
Low Formaldehyde
Low Formaldehyde
Ultra High Gloss
Ultra High Gloss
Seamless Edge
Seamless Edging
Product page moistureResistant
0.8mm Acrylic Sheet
Product page 4mmPressedPanel
4mm Pressed Panel
Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts
Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts
PUR Adhesive Lamination
PUR Adhesive Lamination

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