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The extraordinary aspect of Fusion is to include a genuine fabric within a rigid surface. The first of its kind, it’s the result of a research path, both technological and aesthetic, which led to the creation of a European patent that defines the production method (EP 2 189 298 A1). The tactile aspect expresses all the power of the fabric, the perfect adherence to the surface guarantees vertical applications for furniture and walls.

Fusion 的非凡之处在于将真正的织物包含在表面中。 这是同类产品中的首创,它是技术和美学研究路径的结果,导致创建了定义生产方法的欧洲专利(EP 2 189 298 A1)。 触觉方面体现了织物的所有力量,与表面的完美粘附保证了家具和墙壁的垂直应用。

Fusion T047 FA44
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